The Persuasive Storyteller

Welcome to our Relaunch!

Welcome to Weave & Pitch's relaunched website. Interested in hearing a little about us?

About Us

We've been helping founders with pitches for the last decade (since 2012 to be exact), though Weave & Pitch launched formally as an agency in early 2023.

For a long time, we've felt that the playing field for fundraising quite simply isn't fair. Too many founders with incredible companies don't get funded. Too many others get a free pass and squander their opportunity. As a team of former founders, VCs, storytellers and designers, we continue to believe in the ability of entrepreneurship to drive social mobility, job opportunities, and transformational societal change.

But we also believe in giving entrepreneurs the best chance possible to succeed, removing informational asymmetries, cutting through complexity to make pitches accessible, and making sure i's are dotted and t's are crossed for a successful due diligence process.

Our Approach

Because of this, a lot of our approach is driven by a focus on doing what actually moves the needle. As an interdisciplinary team, we aim to:

  1. Dive deep into your company metrics and highlight your strengths relative to current investor expectations and benchmarks for your stage and vertical
  2. Simplify complex problems and verticals creating a narrative any investor can easily understand
  3. Create visuals that clearly support and elevate your story
  4. Help you feel confident adjusting your pitch across different investor touch points, with a strategy for filling and nurturing your funnel

How We're Different

We're neither an agency filled strictly with VCs, nor an agency of designers (though don't worry, we have both of those profiles on our team)! That's because we believe neither of these approaches delivers the best results.

  1. VCs may have seen many pitches but they don't always understand how the proverbial sausage gets made. They aren't always aware of how to strategically disclose the right information at the right time (aka nurture your funnel), nor do they always understand how to tell a great story.
  2. Design shops may know how to make things look slick, but they miss what information needs to be emphasized and why. They're also not familiar with what benchmarks investors are looking for within a particular vertical (hence why we tap our investor network to get a pulse on every fundraise we work on).

Shouldn't A Founder Already Know This?

We often get asked the question: shouldn't a founder be able to create their own pitch?

A pitch is, of course, a kind of business plan and no one knows their business better than a founder themself. That said, there's a fair amount of informational asymmetry in the fundraising process. Founders may raise every 18 months, but they don't always have a pulse on what strategies are most effective, how the landscape has changed, or how to see the forest for the trees when it comes to describing their problem space. Nor do they always know exactly which KPIs make sense to highlight or a myriad of other nuances!

We work collaboratively with founders to make sure there are no content gaps (from market sizing to go-to-market to revenue models and more), before creating a captivating story that will help them from initial contact to teaser deck and beyond.

What Are Your Specialties?

Our team has extensive expertise in working with companies in the Biotech, AI, Deep Tech, and Climate spaces, though we've worked on a range of fundraises in adjacent verticals.

We love complex, hard-to-explain verticals and love poring through data. Our sweet spot is the Series A raise (though we've worked from pre-seed to B).
If you're interested in learning more, feel free to contact us at